With Moore at Corunna

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With Moore at Corunna
By: G. A. Henty (1898)

A bright Irish lad, Terence O'Conner, is living with his widowed father, Captain O'Conner of the Mayo Fusiliers, with the regiment at the time when the Peninsular war began. Upon the regiment being ordered to Spain, Terence received a commission of ensign and accompanied it. On the way out, by his quickness of wit he saved the ship from capture and, instead, aided in capturing two French privateers. Arriving in Portugal, he ultimately gets appointed as aid to one of the generals of a division. By his bravery and great usefulness throughout the war, he is rewarded by a commission as Colonel in the Portuguese army and there rendered great service, being mentioned twice in the general orders of the Duke of Wellington. The whole story is full of exciting military experiences and gives a most careful and accurate account of the various campaigns.

400 pages