George Beverly Shea Collection - 378 songs on 24 audio CDs

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Own this collection of 378 of George Beverly Shea's gospel songs on 24 audio CDs in traditional jewel cases and an attactive carrying case.


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Legendary Grammy winner George Beverly Shea recorded approximately 500 songs. He sang in person to over 200 million people and was one of the greatest gospel singers of all time - in our view the greatest of all time.

God's message, as brought to us by the few most talented ministers of our age - including George Beverly Shea - penetrates all aspects of our lives. My son Noah and I are biochemists. Sometimes we work almost all waking hours for several months in our laboratory in order to complete unusually difficult research. For many years now, the music of George Beverly Shea has been played in our laboratory as we work - and has markedly improved our lives and the quality of our scientific work.

Mr. Shea sang for more than 70 years and is now still singing at the age of 96. Most of his songs were recorded so long ago that they are no longer available in stores and on modern media. Almost 400 of these songs were recorded for RCA. The master recordings have been stored in RCA vaults since the days of 45, 78, and long playing records.

It is interesting to note that Mr. Shea holds the world record for singing in person to the most people ever. The text of which reads: "George Beverly Shea of Canada has sung to the most people during his career on every continent in front of 220 million people, since first becoming the soloist for gospel preacher Billy Graham in 1943 on the radio show "Songs in The Night"."

With the cooperation of Sony-BMG (formerly RCA), we have now published on 24 Audio CDs the George Beverly Shea - RCA recordings. Most of these recordings have not been commercially available for many, many years. Where more than one recording of the same song exists, Mr. Shea has chosen the performance that he prefers.

Our family has been very greatly blessed by our complete record collection of George Beverly Shea, which was assembled by Arynne Robinson. We have published these CD-ROMs so that many other people can be similarly blessed. Put simply - we are sure that the world will be a better place if the wonderful ministry in song of George Beverly Shea is widely available.

For now, we are only offering complete sets of 24 CDs. If you personally want only a few CDs, we suggest that you buy the whole set and use some of the CDs as gifts.

It is an unusual privilege to be able to distribute this music by George Beverly Shea. We are sure that you will enjoy these wonderful recordings.

Art, Zachary, Noah, Arynne, Joshua, Fama, Bethany, Matthew, and Joseph Robinson August 2005